4 years, 3 Milestones, 1 Unconventional Journey: Reflections on Growth and Personal Branding

Memories, like Facebook’s “On This Day” feature, have a way of pulling you back, not just in time, but into a whirlwind of emotions. Today marks exactly 4 years since I embarked on a journey that redefined my career and challenged my definition of success.

HPE APAC Marketing Pro Academy, League of Champions

It was in December 2019, in Thailand, that I embarked on a journey that would challenge my marketing professional life: the HPE APAC Marketing Pro Academy, League of Champions. As one of the top 20 marketing leaders in the region in 2019, I was excited to push my limits and learn from the best. Little did I know, this program would become a springboard for three consecutive years of incredible achievements. A spark ignited within me – a fire to not just compete, but to conquer. And conquer I did: 3rd place in 2020, and finally, the coveted Champion title in 2021. A shout-out to my competitor friends.

The Top 100 Filipinos to Follow on LinkedIn for Inspiration and Learning

But milestones, like Facebook, also love to remind you of “then and now.” Four years ago, I was also one of the Top 100 Filipinos on LinkedIn in 2019. And here’s the twist: two weeks ago, I wasn’t just celebrating the Top 100 Filipinos on LinkedIn of 2023 – I was part of the team that made it happen! The passion for uplifting others had me stepping off the stage and behind the scenes, helping weave the narratives of those deserving of recognition

Time flies, doesn’t it? Yet, amidst the blur, these markers stand tall, testaments to the power of relentless pursuit and unwavering belief. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind, but these moments of reflection serve as a powerful reminder: never stop learning, never stop growing, never stop celebrating your achievements, and always aim to be the best version of yourself.

These milestones whisper a gentle reminder: milestones are not destinations; they’re chapters in a story still being written.

And that story, my friends, starts with YOU. If you’re reading this, harboring dreams tucked away in the corners of your mind, waiting for the “right time” – let me tell you, the right time is NOW.

Own your story, showcase your expertise, and let your voice be heard.

Your personal brand journey doesn’t need a fancy platform or a specific program or a million followers. It starts with intention, action, and a willingness to put yourself out there. Personal branding isn’t just about vanity metrics and LinkedIn likes. It’s about crafting a narrative, a voice that resonates, that echoes your passions and aspirations. It’s about taking ownership of your journey and sharing it with the world, flaws and triumphs alike.

Start small, start authentic. Share your expertise, your experiences, your unique perspective. Engage, connect, build a community, and be part of a community. Because trust me, when you do, the right opportunities, and the right connections, will find their way to you.

So, if you’re still looking for a sign to stop procrastinating and start building your legacy, consider this your official nudge. The world needs your voice, your story, and your unique perspective. Don’t wait for the “perfect” moment. Start today. Start now.

So, are you ready to take that first step? To build a legacy, not just on social media platform walls, but in the hearts and minds of those around you? Hit me up! I’m here to share my unconventional marketing perspective on Building Brand Equity in the Digital Age and cheer you on in your personal branding journey. Let’s write our own chapters, one LinkedIn post, one genuine connection at a time. Let’s chat, share stories, and help each other reach our full potential.

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Leylord Marcelino

Leylord Marcelino

Unconventional Marketing Leader | Growth Strategist for B2B, Tech, SaaS organizations, Entrepreneurs & Coaches. Utilizes data-driven marketing strategies to build powerful brands, generate inbound leads, & drive revenue.

With over 13 years of sales and marketing experience in the Technology, Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industries Leylord is a marketing leader and growth strategist for B2B, Tech, and SaaS organizations. Has a track record of designing and implementing data-driven integrated marketing strategies that deliver results. Led global marketing operations for a US-based AEC Technology Services firm, and helped create powerful brands, generated demand, and inbound leads, and drove revenue through digital marketing.

Leylord excels at implementing data-driven integrated marketing strategies that combine SEO, social media, ads management, SEM, content, design, website management, lead nurturing, and conversion tracking. These strategies generate quality leads that convert into loyal customers. His hands-on experience in the early stages of his career has given him the skills and knowledge to master these strategies.

With a civil engineering degree and a passion for digital transformation, Leylord has a vision for creating innovative solutions that leverage emerging digital trends and challenges. He has an analytical and technical mindset that drives him to make data-driven decisions.


About Leylord

Leylord is an Unconventional Marketing Leader and Growth Strategist for B2B, Tech, and SaaS organizations, Entrepreneurs, and Coaches. Leylord help create powerful brands and generate demand and inbound leads that drive revenue growth through data-driven marketing strategies.

Awards & Recognitions

HPE APAC Marketing Pro Academy, DVE League of Champions Winner (July 2020)

HPE APAC Marketing Pro Academy, League of Champions, Top 3 (Dec 2019)

HPE APAC Marketing Pro Advisory Summit, League of Champions, Top 20 (July 2019)

HPE APAC Marketing Pro Academy, League of Champions, Top 20 (Dec 2018)


Top 100 Filipinos to Follow on LinkedIn for Inspiration & Learning 2019

First 5 Dell EMC Marketing Partner in APJ and the only PH Marketing Partner to adopt the Digital Marketing Program (Nov 2020)

Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certified

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