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Free Website SEO Analysis and Site Audit - Presidential Election PH

Free Website SEO Analysis and Site Audit – Presidential Election PH

Here are my insights based on the quick #scan of their #websites and the site audit.

The web design and content have an impact on both user experience and search engine rankings. Low to no #content and poor #webdesign techniques results to lower search results. This is why investing in building content and SEO-friendly website design from the outset is critical.

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Digital Marketing in 2022​​

Technology is fast-moving forward, and so is marketing. Marketing has changed rapidly over the years, and it continues to change. The way we do marketing before may be vastly different from the marketing we see today. As marketing pros, we must be exceptionally sensitive to changes, social-cultural factors, economy and technology.

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Best Free SEO Tools to Drive Traffic, Clicks, and Sales that You should use

Are there Free SEO Tools​

SEO or “search engine optimization” is the process of improving to increase your website’s visibility for relevant searches. SEO will be more important not just today, than ever before.
If you want to get started with SEO for free or at low cost but want to achieve better results, here are some of the best free SEO tools you should start using.

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What is Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?​

Digital marketing is any form of marketing products or services delivered through digital channels. Channels such as websites, social media, search engines, email, mobile apps, web apps, or any digital channel. | Senior Marketing Pro, Digital Marketing Consultant, Certified Digital Marketer

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Know The SEO Basics​

Know The SEO Basics

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of getting traffic from search results on search engines. SEO is the free, organic or natural way of getting traffic. Yes, it is free, and I am breaking those few basics you need to know.

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