Free Website SEO Analysis and Site Audit - Presidential Election PH

It’s the election period in the Philippines.

Aside from the worldwide pandemic, Russia and Ukraine conflict, the presidential candidates are hot topics.

I was thinking of content, but do not wish to be political.

So as a digital marketing professional, I decided to have a quick Website SEO Analysis and Site Audit of the presidential candidates’ websites to see a different perspective of how the candidates are using digital marketing in their campaigns.

I started with a google search and noticed that not all presidential candidates have their websites, so I picked only the four frontrunners that have websites. #BongBongMarcos #IskoMoreno #LeniRobredo #PingLacson.

In this video, you’ll notice that all the websites start to grow in traffic from November of 2021.

The website of #BongBong however seems to have a consistent traffic growth, while #leni starts to decline in January 2022.

The on-page #SEO score of #BBM or Bongbong has the highest.

Notice that the Organic monthly traffic of BBM has the highest, Although, the organic keywords of both Leni and BBM are high.

Ping and Leni however have high #backlinks, while #Ping have the highest #Facebook shares followed by Leni, and low facebook shares for BBM while no facebook shares for #Isko.

Going slightly deeper into the keyword rankings, we can see that BBM has the greatest number of #keywords on the first page of search results.


Here are my insights based on the quick #scan of their #websites and the site audit.

The web design and content have an impact on both user experience and search engine rankings. Low to no #content and poor #webdesign techniques results to lower search results. This is why investing in building content and SEO-friendly website design from the outset is critical.


Leylord Marcelino

Leylord Marcelino

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