Know The SEO Basics​

Know The SEO Basics

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of getting traffic from search results on search engines. SEO is the free, organic, or natural way of getting traffic. Yes, it is free, and I am breaking those few basics you need to know.

Let’s get started with the basics, so you’ll get to understand what Google and other search engines have in store for you.

Headlines and meta descriptions

This is where love, at first sight, happens so don’t fail to be noticed, make your first impression last and make them click.

Your headlines and meta descriptions are displayed in search results. Your post title is your headline, while your meta description appears as your tagline. If your headlines and meta descriptions don’t get the interest of your targets, you missed the opportunity to make them land to your content and consume it.

In search engine terms, this is where the click-through rate is measured. Click-through rate is the percentage of people visiting a web page who clicked a hypertext link.

Don’t just write a headline and tagline.

  • Place keywords close to the beginning
  • Make it catchy and engaging
  • Don’t forget to make it short, simple, concise, and genuinely representing your content.


Think of these questions.

  • How would you trust a business or a services provider or a website without valuable content?
  • How would you get visitors if they don’t find value in your content?
  • How would you get conversions, after getting visitors?

Not too long ago, we’ve been hearing a lot that the content is king. Yes, it is. Contents can be long-form like blog posts or case studies, infographics, and videos. Contents can be a combination of a long-form with an infographic or a video explainer. You may also repurpose contents like creating an infographic or a video explainer out of a successful case study or blog post.

Don’t just create content…

  • Create content that will get your target audience’s interest.
  • Create content that provides value to the time spent by your visitors.
  • Create content that makes visitors act after reading or watching your content.

Don’t get too excited about impressions until you hear of the conversion, if visitors consumed your contents or if it made an effect on the number of inquiries.


In any relationship, be it work, friendship, or something intimate, the link is particularly important and so with SEO. Link building increases SEO ranking, the more trusted links you have, the closer you get to be friends with search engines like Google.

So how do you start building links?

Take note of the “contents”. If you made it right, then you can get this too. Organizations, people, or websites would want to relate to valuable content. If you got their interest, they’ll feature your blog, case study, infographic, or video and link to you as the source. Some people will simply share it on their social media.

Congratulations, your content strategy worked, and you made them act. You may have not converted them as your new customer, but you’ve just made them spread it.

User Experience or UX

Do not disappoint your visitors, you already got them interested in your headlines and meta descriptions. You don’t want them to miss the opportunity of consuming your content.

I’m sure no site visitor would want to wait for a century just for your web page to load. Not only that, do you know that Google’s threshold for your website to load in relation to UX is half a second? If you disappoint the site visitor for waiting, you also lost the trust of Google in providing the best user experience to its searchers.

For optimized user experience, consider these:

  • Increase site speed. You may use Goggle’s Page Speed Insights to analyze the content of your web page and it will also generate suggestions to increase your site speed
  • Easy navigation is more than just a good-looking web page, but also letting your users know where to go after they land on your page.
  • Do not annoy your visitors with tons of pop up ads.


Mobile users are continuously increasing, and so with mobile web browsing. It is imperative that mobile responsive design is no longer an option but a standard component in web design and SEO plan.

Being mobile-friendly is more than a responsive view or design, it’s about the quality experience of your site visitors from mobile devices. Mobile responsive websites usually load faster than those that are not which leads to more positive user experience and boost in rankings.

To find out if your website is mobile-friendly, try Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

What’s Next?

Now that you know the basics, what are your next steps?

No one is stopping you from learning more. Who knows, you’ll be an SEO superstar.

Just a reminder, SEO is not a one-time strategy, search engine algorithms are constantly updating. It is a moving target that requires extensive knowledge and understanding of how search engines work, and you need to invest your time and practice to get right. And by the time you thought you got it right, it has already changed.

However, there is an uncomplicated way– hire an agency or a freelancer to do it for you. I once thought of outsourcing too, but I decided not to, and I never regret learning and doing SEO.

But in case you choose to go that route, remember these few things.

  • Know your audience, goals, and priorities.
  • Vanity metrics are useless without conversion or ROI.
  • Work with the right people or agency that can deliver, not just vanity metrics.

Go ahead, create your SEO journey, and see what Google and other search engines have in store for you. Explore the Free SEO tools 

Leylord Marcelino

Leylord Marcelino

Leylord is a Senior Marketing Leader, Marketing Consultant, Certified Digital Marketer. Provides Digital Marketing Services, SEO Services, WordPress Web Development, Demand Generation Services. Helps organizations build brand, generate demand & inbound leads that convert to revenue through successful data-driven marketing strategies.

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