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Thinking Of Having Your Own Website?

Working together with digital marketers and web developers in building new website projects taught me this process which I continue to follow and redefine over and over to achieve efficiency and effectiveness of web designs. From the beginning of consultation to the final stage of production, being aligned with the objectives and working closely with the client or project owner is very important.

Define the objective. Like any business plan or any project, everything must start with an objective. In order to succeed, we must pin the goal before we begin the journey. The objectives must be SMARTer – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound + Evaluated, Revisited.

Know the target audience. Of course, every marketer knows this process, and it is also very important in web development to layout the site based on your defined audience. Create a customer profile.

Customer Experience. A website is more than just a showroom, it is made to convert. In order for a website to convert, you must understand your customer journey, walk them through. My previous graphic artists and web developers whom we’ve sent to attend UI/UX seminars were so delighted to know the value of UX/UX in web design and are now killing it.

Development and Building. During the development stage, all 1 – 2 – 3 are brought together to bring ideas to reality. Every code must align with the objective to reach the target and walk then through to convert.

Testing and Quality Assurance. In any new product or process, quality and testing is important. IT, QA, and process managers know this, and in the same way it’s important in any marketing campaign and web development as well. A/B testing and what-if scenarios are repeatedly executed to see 1 – 2 – 3 are met.

Project acceptance. Once Testing and Quality Assurance is proven passed and working, that is the only time that the finished project is being turned over for acceptance.

Go Live! This is not yet the final stage but one of the most exciting. The project goes live, Congratulations!

Performance evaluation. After reaching the end of the project defined for the goal execution, observe and evaluate the performance to assess the success or failure in achieving the objectives. Then, take note of the new learning from the project and apply on to the next projects. Every project doesn’t end here. This is actually a new beginning of an improved future project.

Sounds quick and easy right? Well, it is! But with the right bunch of people working together.

Leylord Marcelino

Leylord Marcelino

Leylord is a Senior Marketing Leader, Marketing Consultant, Certified Digital Marketer. Provides Digital Marketing Services, SEO Services, WordPress Web Development, Demand Generation Services. Helps organizations build brand, generate demand & inbound leads that convert to revenue through successful data-driven marketing strategies.

Leylord is an Experienced & result-oriented Senior Marketing Leader in the Technology, Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industries, a digital transformation advocate & visionary, with a degree in engineering. A certified digital marketer with a strong background & extensive experience in executing data-driven integrated marketing strategies; managing end-to-end marketing operations; & bridging the gap between traditional & digital marketing successfully. Having an engineering background, being analytical & technical, I'm always excited by emerging digital transformation trends, challenges, designing solutions, & always believed in data-driven decision making.